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Helix PCB Kit

Helix PCB Kit

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The Helix keyboard is a split ortholinear design that features a 5x6 grid with two additional thumb keys on the bottom two rows. This keyboard design is one of the first well known split keyboards to come from Japan. Many of the innovations introduced by the Helix were carried over into other layouts like the Lily58 and Corne keyboards. The PCBs feature per key RGB lighting as well as footprints for optional OLED screens. By default, the screens display the current layer and information about recently pressed keys. The bottom row of the PCB can also be broken off in order to create a four row layout.

The Helix keyboard was designed by pluis9 with artwork by void_keys. Additional information about the Helix keyboard along with the source files from the designer can be found on the Helix Github repository. QMK key mappings and firmware can be found here.

PCB Variants


Switches must be soldered in to place. Compatible with Cherry MX and Kailh Low Profile Choc switches. Supports 4 or 5 row layouts.

Helix Hotswap

PCBs utilize Kailh MX Hotswap Sockets that can only be used with Cherry MX compatible switches. 5 row layout is supported. PCBs can be purchased here.

This particular Helix PCB variant does not include footprints that are compatible with Kailh Hotswap Sockets. Switches must be soldered in place in order to function.


Kit - Kits must be assembled in order to be used. The following components are included with each kit.

2 TRRS Jack
2 Reset Switches
64 Through Hole Diodes (SMD available upon request)


Assembled - These PCBs are assembled by hand and come with all components soldered onto the PCB. The TRRS Jacks, Reset Switches, and Diodes (surface mount or through hole) are tested prior to shipping to verify functionality.

In addition to the components included with the kit, the assembled PCBs also come with Mill Max Ultra Low Profile sockets for the Pro Micros (or equivalent) as well as sockets for the OLED screens. This is done to allow for testing to verify functionality after the PCB is assembled.

Pro Micros and OLED screens are not included and will need to be purchased separately. Pro Micros and OLED screens will need to be socketed in order to be used with the assembled PCBs. 

Pro Micros can be purchased here and here. Compatible OLED screens can be found here. An informative guide for socketing Pro Micros can be found here. The same steps can be used for socketing OLED screens.

Additional Notes

The following components are optional.

 2 OLED Screen Link
50/64 RGB LED (Included with Assembled PCBs) Link

The following components are required in order to have a completed keyboard.

2 Pro Micro or equivalent
1 Helix Keyboard Case
50/64 Cherry MX or Kailh Choc switches
50/64 Keycaps
1 TRRS Cable
1 USB Cable