128X64 OLED Screen
128X64 OLED Screen

128X64 OLED Screen

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These 128X64 OLED screens are compatible with Kyria PCBs. 

Each OLED screen comes with a 4 pin socket. The socket height sets the OLED screen slightly above a Mill-Max socketed pro micro.

Screens come with headers soldered from the factory. These headers must be desoldered before they can be used with the 4 pin sockets that are included by Little Keyboards. In order to desolder the headers, a small screwdriver should be used to remove the black plastic header. Once removed, the 4 pins can be removed one at a time.

Displays are available in white.

NOTE: These OLED screens already contain pull-up resistors. The 4700 Ohm resistors included with the Kyria PCB Kits should not be installed when using these screens.