Naked48LED Keyboard Kit
Naked48LED Keyboard Kit
Naked48LED Keyboard Kit
Naked48LED Keyboard Kit
Naked48LED Keyboard Kit
Naked48LED Keyboard Kit

Naked48LED Keyboard Kit

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Created by Japanese keyboard designer, @Salyicylic_acid3, the Naked48LED is a unique 48 key ortholinear keyboard. It is designed to utilize Kailh Low Profile Choc switches in order to be as thin as possible. The split alpha keys enable a more comfortable typing experience while the bottom row is arranged to allow more keys to be accessible without reaching. 

Each kit also comes with a red, blue, or black Yukata Cover. The Yukata Covers are made from a synthetic suede material similar to what you would find in a high end sports car. Each cover includes beautiful artwork printed on each side of a PCB plate. Black and blue Yukata Covers will come with artwork printed on a black background. Red Yukata Covers will ship with artwork printed on a white background.

Information on building the Naked48LED can be found here. Example keymaps for the Naked48LED can be found here.


  • Hotswap Sockets for Choc Switches
  • Premium synthetic suede Yukata Cover
    • PCB Cover Art Plate designed with unique artwork on each side
  • Support for per key RGB LEDs
    • Support for Setta 21 Numpad (not included with kit)
    • Support for BLE Micro Pro Bluetooth controller (supporting components not included with kit)

    Kit Contents

    • 2x Middle Art Plate - PCB
    • 1x Top Plate - PCB
    • 1x Main Board - PCB
    • 1x Bottom Plate - PCB
    • 1x Cover Support - PCB
    • 1x Cover Art - PCB
    • 1x Cover Fabric
    • 1x Magnetic Clasp
    • 1x Reset Switch
    • 48x Surface Mount Diode
    • 48x Kailh Choc Sockets
    • 28x M2 3mm Screw
    • 2x M2 4mm Screw
    • 10x M2 3.5mm Spacer
    • 4x M2 10mm Spacer
    • 4x Rubber Feet

    Required Components

    These components are required for a complete keyboard, but are not included with the kit.

    • 1x Pro Micro or Equivalent
    • 2x 12 Pin Low Profile Sockets (optional)
    • 48x Kailh Low Profile Choc Switches
    • 48x Kailh Low Profile Choc Keycaps
    • 48x RGB LEDs (optional)
    • USB Cable

    In addition to the components required to complete the kit, the following build materials are also needed to fully assemble the board.

    • Double Sided Tape
    • Waterproofing Spray (optional)