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Note: These screens use 5 pins to connect to a PCB. Please note that most PCB kits are made for 4 pin OLED screens. These screens can be used with PCBs designed for 4 pin OLED screens, but the extra pin will need to be wired directly to the MCU.

The nice!view is a SSD1306 OLED replacement boasting >1,000x power savings while keeping a 30Hz refresh rate. It has a similar pinout to SSD1306 OLEDs with one extra pin making it easy to add on to existing boards.


  • 160×68 pixel resolution with a diagonal size of 1.08″
  • 36x14x2.9mm dimensions
  • 30Hz refresh rate
  • <10uA typical power draw
  • Conformal coat to reduce the possibility of shorts
  • Socket and pins included
  • 3-wire SPI protocol
  • 3.3V voltage
  • Sharp LS011B7DH03 display