Lily58 Pro PCB Kit
Lily58 Pro PCB Kit
Lily58 Pro PCB Kit

Lily58 Pro PCB Kit

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Designed by kata0510, the Lily58 Pro is a split design with a 6×4 column staggered grid with a 4 key thumb cluster. The Pro version of the Lily58 supports Kailh Choc and MX hotswap sockets. It is possible to install both types of sockets on the Lily58 Pro. However, it is not possible to use both types of switches at the same time.

Additional information about the Lily58 keyboard along with the source files from the designer can be found on the Lily58 Github repository. QMK key mappings and firmware can be found here.

Assembled PCBs

Low profile sockets for MCUs and OLED screens will come installed on each pair of PCBs. Soldering service also includes diodes, reset buttons, TRRS jacks, and hotswap sockets. Pro Micros and OLED screens are not included and will need to be purchased separately.


The following components are Included with the kit:

2 TRRS Jack
2 Reset Switches
58 Surface Mount Diodes
58 Hotswap Sockets

The following components are optional.

 2 OLED Screen Link

The following components are required in order to have a completed keyboard.

2 Pro Micro or equivalent
1 Lily58 Keyboard Case
58 Cherry MX or Choc switches
58 Keycaps
1 TRRS Cable
1 USB Cable