Blank Slate - Ortholinear Wireless Keyboard PCB
Blank Slate - Ortholinear Wireless Keyboard PCB

Blank Slate - Ortholinear Wireless Keyboard PCB

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Blank Slate is here to untether your grid from the grid!

An ortholinear, wireless keyboard PCB, Blank Slate is designed to fit in cases compatible with the OLKB Planck rev5 and newer.


  • Wireless (BLE) and USB-C input
  • 5 wireless profiles for connecting to multiple devices, including fast switching support
  • Available layouts: full grid, MIT (single centered 2u in the bottom row), and 2x2u
  • MX switches
  • Hotswap sockets and two different battery connector options, for a soldering-free assembly process
  • Custom two key combo for powering on and off, allowing for compatibility with existing cases with no power switch access
  • Powered by ZMK firmware
  • LiPo (single cell 3.7v) battery support, with JST ACH and SH connectors and solder point fallback
  • Expected runtime between charges of at least a month
  • Requires BT 4.2 or newer for BLE connections

The following cases have been tested and verified to work with Blank Slate:

  • OLKB/Drop Hi Profile case
  • Gridiron
  • Typeau


  • Only clip-in stabilizers are supported for the 2u switch layouts. Screw-in stabs conflict with some of the hotswap sockets.
  • Plateless builds are highly discouraged: the battery cutout in Blank Slate results in some switches being only partially supported from below by the PCB.
  • Cases that are entirely metal, including the switch plate, may impact wireless signal integrity. If using a metal case, a plastic or FR4 plate is strongly encouraged.
  • The ZMK firmware is powerful, but can be challenging to configure for new or non-technical users. It is not recommended for users who want to use a graphical application to reprogram their keyboard.