Corne Choc Hotswap PCB Kit
Corne Choc Hotswap PCB Kit
Corne Choc Hotswap PCB Kit

Corne Choc Hotswap PCB Kit

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The Corne Keyboard is a split ergonomic design that features a 3x6 column staggered layout with a three key thumb cluster. The Corne layout has many distinguishing features that set it apart from other ergonomic keyboards. The small layout keeps all keys within one unit of the home row. The keyboard also includes footprints for RGB lighting under each switch as well as 6 downward facing LEDs for underglow lighting. The PCBs also include footprints for OLED screens. By default, the screens display the current layer and information about recently pressed keys.

The Corne keyboard was designed by world renowned keyboard designer Foostan. Additional information about the CRKBD keyboard along with the source files from the designer can be found on the Corne Github Repository. QMK key mappings and firmware can be found here.


NOTE: This PCB kit is not compatible with high profile cases like the CIO and Architect. These PCBs work best with Analyst and Comptroller cases that use 1.5mm switch plate. 


3mm switch plates can work, but the lower switch height choc switches makes the fit less than ideal.

PCB Variants


Switches must be soldered in to place. Compatible with Cherry MX and Kailh Low Profile Choc switches. PCBs can be purchased here.


PCBs utilize Kailh MX Hotswap Sockets that can only be used with Cherry MX compatible switches. PCBs can be purchased here.


PCBs utilize Kailh Choc Hotswap Sockets that can only be used with Kailh Low Profile Choc switches. 

This particular Corne PCB variant includes footprints for Kailh Choc Hotswap Sockets and must be used with Kailh Low Profile Choc switches.

Kits must be soldered in order to be used. There is no option for the kits to come assembled. The following components are included with each kit. Please refer to this build guide for information on how to assemble.

2 TRRS Jack
2 Reset Switches
42 Surface Mount Diodes
42 Kailh Choc Sockets

The following components are required in order to have a completed keyboard.

2 Pro Micro or equivalent
1 Corne Keyboard Case
42 Kailh Choc switches
42 Keycaps
1 TRRS Cable
1 USB Cable


The following components are optional.

 2 OLED Screen Link
54 RGB LED (Included with Assembled PCBs) Link