Reviung41 Keyboard Kit
Reviung41 Keyboard Kit
Reviung41 Keyboard Kit
Reviung41 Keyboard Kit
Reviung41 Keyboard Kit

Reviung41 Keyboard Kit

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The Reviung41 keyboard is a 41 key layout featuring a 3x12 grid with 5 additional thumb keys. The PCB has footprints for Kailh MX Hotswap sockets and allows for the use of a 2u stabilizer for the center key in the thumb cluster. The Reviung41 also includes support for RGB LEDs. There are 10 downward facing LEDs for underglow support and a single upward facing LED for additional accent lighting. 

The Reviung41 keyboard was designed by keyboard designer gtips. Additional information about the Reviung41 keyboard along with the source files from the designer can be found on the Reviung41 Github Repository. QMK key mappings and firmware can be found here.

Photos of the completed Reviung41 kit are for demonstration purposes only. Please note that this kit does not include switches or keycaps.


Kit - Kits must be assembled in order to be used. The following components are included with each kit.

1 Reset Switch
Surface Mount Diodes
Kailh MX Sockets
1 Matte Black FR4 Switch Plate
1 Bottom Plate
11 Standoffs
22 Screws

Middle Layers

Middle layers are optional. The acrylic middle layers are positioned between the switch plate and PCB as well as the PCB and bottom plate. The frosted acrylic laters are great for showing off the RGB LEDs.

Soldering Services will need to be purchased in combination with in-stock kits. Assembled kits will ship within 7 days of purchase date.

These PCBs are assembled by hand and come with all components soldered onto the PCB. The Reset Switch, Surface Mount Diodes, and MX sockets are tested prior to shipping to verify functionality.

In addition to the components included with the kit, the assembled PCBs also come with preinstalled with RGB LEDs and Mill Max Ultra Low Profile sockets for the Pro Micro (or equivalent). This is done to allow for testing to verify functionality after the PCB is assembled.

Pro Micro is not included and will need to be purchased separately. The Pro Micro will need socketed in order to be used with the assembled PCB. 

Pro Micros can be purchased here and here. An informative guide for socketing Pro Micros can be found here

Additional Notes

The following components are required in order to have a completed keyboard.

1 Pro Micro or equivalent
Cherry MX switches
1 USB Cable


PCB Assembly Services

  • All components included in the PCB Kit will come assembled on the PCBs
  • PCBs will ship with sockets installed for MCUs and OLED Screens
    • Screens and MCUs must be socketed for installation.
  • If purchased at the same time, MCUs and OLED screens will also be socketed and installed onto the PCBs.
  • Assembly with RGB LEDs includes the cost of LEDs. Purchasing additional LEDs is not required.
  • Lead time on custom assembly is 2-3 weeks.