Fortitude60 Keyboard Kit
Fortitude60 Keyboard Kit
Fortitude60 Keyboard Kit
Fortitude60 Keyboard Kit
Fortitude60 Keyboard Kit
Fortitude60 Keyboard Kit

Fortitude60 Keyboard Kit

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Designed by @Pekaso, the Fortitude60 is a split 60% design with 12x5 column staggered layout. The PCB allows for per switch LED lighting, utilizes an Atmega32u4 beetle microcontroller, features USC Type-C connectivity.

Unique to this keyboard is a case design that does not use screws. All case components are press fit and give the keyboard a very unique look and feel.

All components, including the scratch resistant clear case, needed for assembly are included with the kit with the exception of LEDs, cables, switches, and keycaps.

Additional information about the Fortitude60 keyboard along with the source files from the designer can be found on the Fortitude60 Github repository. QMK key mappings and firmware can be found here.

The following components are included with the kit:

2 Fortitude60 PCB
2 Fortitude60 Switch Plate
2 Beetle USB 32u4 Microcontroller
AE-USB2.0-TYPE-C Connector
1N4148 Diode
2 Tactile Switch
2 TRRS Jack
10 Rubber feet
60 470 Ohm Resistor
2 1K Ohm Resistor
4 5.1K Resistor
L + R Clear Acrylic Case (scratch resistant)

These components are required in order to have a completed keyboard.

1 TRRS Cable
1 USB Type-C Cable
60 Cherry MX Compatible Switches
60 Cherry MX Compatible Keycaps

 These components are optional, but look cool.

 60 3mm LED
WS2812B LED Strip

Notes about the build:

  • A translated build guide is in progress, but this build guide can be used to complete the kit.
  • The tolerances of the acrylic case pieces are very tight when attaching them to the PCB. Sanding is required in order to properly fit the pieces to the PCB. The advantage to this method is that the case will stay together without screws.
  • Included with the kit is a small bag labeled "LED." The two unlabeled resistors are the 1K resistors required for LED lighting.
  • The QMK keymap uses EEPROM to connect the two halves. Flashing the sides can be done via the commands "make fortitude60/rev1:default:avrdude-split-left" and "make fortitude60/rev1:default:avrdude-split-right"